£1.2m funding for Bath Uni’s pioneering gas turbine research

February 13, 2013

The University of Bath has secured a £1.2m grant to develop a state-of-the art gas turbine laboratory.

The University’s Gas Turbine Research Unit is carrying out a new programme of research with industrial giant Siemens focused on its range of gas turbines.

The funding was secured from the funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) along with Siemens in Germany, and Siemens UK.

Professor Gary Lock, who leads the unit, said: “The success of the group is due to excellent teamwork with everyone, staff and students, contributing their individual skills in experimentation, computation and theoretical modelling.  

“This research programme will investigate the heat transfer and fluid flow inside air-cooled gas turbines, leading to  improvements in the design practice at Siemens and ultimately to more efficient power generation.”

The strength of the research capabilities in this area has led to the appointment of Dr Carl Sangan as a Prize Fellow. His area of research is focused on the experimental and theoretical modelling of the flow and heat transfer in rotating disc systems within gas turbines, especially turbine cooling through the efficient use of secondary air systems.

Professor Lock was recently appointed to a Chair in Aerospace Engineering. His main research focus is the technology associated with land-based gas turbines used to generate power, as well as aero-engines (jets).

Generally such research has been undertaken using turbine-based rigs running close to engine-operating conditions. At Bath an alternative approach is used, with researchers conducting more fundamental work to understand flow and heat transfer using generic, fully-instrumented experiments specifically designed for optical access and for thermal-imaging techniques.

The work has led to a developing international collaboration with Purdue University in the US.

Professor Gary Hawley, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering & Design at the University of Bath, said: “The strength of Professor Lock’s unique approach to understanding gas turbine technology has been central to an on-going relationship between the University and Siemens, and has now been recognised by the EPSRC, resulting in this fantastic new project that will highlight the strength of gas turbine engineering here at Bath.”

For more information about the Gas Turbine Research Unit’s work and its project with Siemens see http://go.bath.ac.uk/gasturbine



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