Bath management consultancy draws up futureproof framework for charities in challenging times

January 25, 2024

Charities must focus on their people, technologies and strategic development to prepare and protect themselves in an ever-changing environment, according to new guidance from Bath change management consultancy Nine Feet Tall.

As demand for charities’ services has skyrocketed during the cost of living crisis, so new challenges have emerged, piling more pressure on their executive teams and board members.

As a result, Nine Feet Tall, which specialises in delivering complex change, has released the free framework to help charities futureproof their operations. 

The comprehensive guide covers topics such leadership, finance, people and culture, governance and compliance and technology.

It also offers valuable resources for charities to prepare and protect themselves in an ever-changing environment.

With contributions from Marie Curie, Mind, Wesport, Together for Mental Wellbeing and others, the framework suggests questions for executive teams and board members, followed by steps on how to review the information gathered and take action.

Nine Feet Tall charity sector lead and partner Tiggy McCool, said: “Charities are used to operating through challenges, but as the sector continues to evolve, we want to help charities prepare for the landscape that lies ahead. 

“By sharing our team’s collective expertise, this guide aims to help ensure the long-term sustainability and effectiveness of charities service delivery and operations.

“This is a prompt for charities to take an honest look at all aspects of their operations and develop a bespoke action plan. 

“Preparing for the future is a continuous process, so we hope this guide will be kept to help charities adapt and flex as opportunities and challenges arise.”

The framework also includes links to additional free resources, such as webinars and external tools.

To download the guide for free, visit

Nine Feet Tall, which also has offices in London and Manchester, combines the expertise of its people and the power of technology to focus on achieving results that make companies and businesses more profitable, agile and competitive.

While specialising in retail and consumer goods, housing, construction, manufacturing, legal and financial services, the consultancy also has extensive experience supporting the third sector, delivering practical and strategic solutions to help charities and not-for-profit organisations navigate their challenges.


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