Rubric, Bath’s newest law firm, promises a new way of working

May 16, 2012

Law firm Rubric has launched in Bath providing cost-effective legal advice and using only senior lawyers with experience of working in the top practices.

Founder James Howell has pledged that Rubric will shun the traditional pyramid structure of law firms and instead move with modern technological advances to provide a more streamlined business.

He believes law firms must change the ways they work to keep pace with a more cost-aware client base.

“Rubric has been developed in response to a changing world,” said James.

“We say the legal world must wake up and catch up. For too long, the industry has been entrenched in traditions that serve the firm and not the client.”

By embracing online technologies for functions such as the law library and backroom support, Mr Howell believes that the traditional law firm infrastructure, which has previously been responsible for soaring legal fees, is no longer necessary.

Instead of recruiting associates and junior assistants to handle the bulk of the workload Mr Howell also promises that his business model will ensure customers only deal with senior lawyers at no additional cost.

He is confident this is a way of working that not only appeals to the client, but to lawyers too.

“With no hierarchy within the company, Rubric’s lawyers are able operate in a hassle-free and enjoyable working environment without billing targets, bureaucracy and politicking,” added Mr Howell, who has previously worked at a number of respected law firms.

“Instead, we believe in providing our lawyers with more freedom and control in the way they work. We call it lawyer self-determination. It brings with it real career satisfaction, and ultimately benefits the lawyer/client relationship.”


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