Call for ‘data fellows’ to take part in pioneering South West creative tech project

November 22, 2019

A groundbreaking £6.5m project aiming to expand the use of creative technologies across the South West is seeking 24 people to explore the frontiers of data.

The South West Creative Technology Network (SWCTN) is recruiting ‘data fellows’ to ask questions about the current state of data in the region and look at the challenges and opportunities.  

SWCTN is interested in fellowship proposals that encompass bold, creative, challenging, cross-sector thinking in the broad field of data.

This includes ethical issues around data capture and storage, data retrieval, data bias, data ownership, data literacy, as well as the role of data in sustainability across issues relating to, for example, the climate emergency, Internet of Things and smart cities.

Fellowships run from next April to January 2021, with most time commitment required in the first three months. Fellows each receive a £12,000 bursary to support time and research costs.

SWCTN is a collaboration between Bath Spa University, UWE, University of Plymouth and Falmouth University, Bristol’s Watershed media hub and Kaleider arts centre in Exeter.

Fellows will get support and mentoring from producing teams and creative technologists from Watershed and Kaleider and will become part of a diverse cohort of data fellows who they can bounce ideas off.

A SWCTN spokesperson said: “This is a flexible, part-time and paid opportunity for people from industry, academia, as well as those in the early stages of their careers who are interested in the future of data.

“We will support fellows during a 10-month programme to think deeply about the potentials, challenges and opportunities in this area. This is a unique and exciting chance to step back from commercial, academic or career pressures, and focus on new and innovative areas of research, exploration and collaboration.

“Data is information, and data is everywhere. Data and how it’s used consistently influences our choices and opinions, raising questions about data governance, responsibility and ethics. Those who create, collect, collate, hold, trade and preserve data are now in a very powerful position. The creative industries and creative technologies are central to this new world, and how they respond to its challenges and opportunities are crucial to this call.

“What already exists? What’s new and what’s good in data? Where are the gaps in the market and in our knowledge? What are the challenges? What opportunities are out there? What are the possibilities?”

The deadline for applications is 5pm on December 9.

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