Pioneering technology – from Midsomer Norton to the Central American coast

August 22, 2012

Specialist marine identification and tracking technology firm Software Radio Technology (SRT) today said it has shipped the first batch of its Identifier vessel identification systems under a $3.7m (£2.3m) order landed by the Midsomer Norton-based firm in June.

The delivery represents approximately 15% of the initial order value and the balance is expected to be shipped in two further batches before the end of the year.

The Identifiers will be used to improve safety and security in Central America as part of a US-government supported programme. The initial order represents around a fifth of the total estimated project requirement. Further orders are expected to be received over the next two years to complete the project.

Last November SRT bought a strategic stock of components for its Identifier product due to the six month order-to-delivery lead time of components. In March the majority of these components were in stock and as a result SRT has been able to respond quickly to the customer’s requirements and quickly ramp up production turning these components into final products within six months of order. 

Chief executive Simon Tucker commented: “Our supply chain team has done an outstanding job to quickly ramp up production of Identifiers from zero to thousands in a matter of only a few months, whilst still maintaining the required quality.

“Our customer and their customer visited us in Somerset last week to inspect and accept the products prior to shipment and they too were impressed with the product and supporting team. This project has been in progress for over four years and is now reached its implementation stage.”

SRT is working on a number of other projects both larger and smaller in the Middle East and Asia many of which are also expected to move into their implementation phase over the next year.

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