Bath Business Blog: Business against Poverty. How corporate philanthropy can deliver a competitive edge for business

July 3, 2024

Registered charity People against Poverty set up its business community – Business against Poverty (BaP) – more than15 years ago.

It offers purpose-led donor organisations a network to link up with a vibrant and engaged community of like-minded businesses and impact positively on extreme poverty in six countries, including the UK. 

People against Poverty supports a range of projects which help people find a pathway out of poverty towards self-sustainability.

Projects are initiated, scoped out and led by local project leaders.

They range from supporting access to education for children in multiple countries to a micro farm in Romania, and financial management and business start-up training for women through self-help groups in Malawi, such as its tailoring skills project, pictured.

Following the appointment of a new chief executive officer and a period of restructuring and consolidation last year, People against Poverty is poised for growth in the months and years ahead.

This growth includes the size and scope of projects themselves, supported through increased geographical reach and growth of the UK Business against Poverty business community.

It is well-documented that integrating corporate philanthropy into business operations can reap tangible commercial benefits.

CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) highlights four – lasting brand and social impact; customer loyalty; attracting, engaging and retaining staff; and becoming a leader and driving change in your sector. 

So how does Business against Poverty work?

Companies that sign up as a Business against Poverty donate regularly (annually, quarterly or monthly), and have the opportunity to receive regular updates on projects, pre-prepared PR and marketing assets, and invitations to in-person and online events with others in the BaP community.

In the UK, charitable donations from companies are eligible for tax relief, so for organisations arriving at their financial year end or quarterly reviews, it is a good time to consider charitable donations.

Harvard Business School’s Insights ‘15 Eye-opening Corporate Social Responsibility Statistics’ states that 58% of organisations that currently have a strong and clear sense of purpose experience 10% or more growth over the previous three years.

The trajectory is clear: social and economic objectives are not mutually exclusive, and businesses that lead with purpose over profits and profile enjoy tangible competitive edge!

If you would like an informal, no obligation chat to learn more about our charity and the Business against Poverty community, email

Bath Business News is delighted to be supporting People against Poverty through a gift-in-kind donation of regular advertising and editorial coverage.

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